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As an educator, I strive to engage, challenge, and inspire growth in my students. My responsibility is to instill a lifelong love of and appreciation for music. While not all students will obtain a degree in music, I make sure every student’s time in my classroom is spent giving them the tools they need to become a well-rounded, active citizen who is aware of the impact they can have on the world in whatever vocation they find themselves.

My method of teaching is centered around giving students the opportunity to discover solutions on their own with guidance rather than being handed the answer directly. Given that no two learners are the same, my approach varies to meet the students where they are and best fit their needs. I will be able to help each student by developing an understanding of who they are, what experiences they have had, and what their personal goals are. Learning happens best when it is cooperative and collaborative in nature. Students will be given ample opportunities to work individually, with their peers, and with myself so they can have every opportunity for personal and communal growth. 

It is imperative that I am a positive role model for my students. I will continuously hold myself to the highest standards and will do the same for my students while still keeping their best interests in mind. Every student, regardless of musical ability, will have the opportunity to experience success if they continuously be present, put forth their best effort, show improvement, and actively engage with the material presented in class. 

Everybody remembers that classroom they could go to in order to feel welcomed, appreciated, and understood. I want to be the creator of such a  space. It is expected that students will be respectful and supportive of themselves and their peers. Everyone brings something new and exciting to the class, so their differences should be celebrated instead of ostracized; uplifted instead of suppressed. Students thrive in an environment that is free of stigmas, bias, and fear of embarrassment. I will learn just as much from the students as they will learn from me. 

Overall, I want to make a lasting impact on my students by instilling a lifelong love of music and helping them grow socially, musically, and professionally so they can achieve success in whatever path they choose.

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